So I haven't written in here in a while, but something big is about to happen. I'm going to Vancouver, British Columbia for two weeks. I have already packed and unlike me have planned out an itinerary. My grandparents will be there the same time as me for a short bit and I'll be staying with my uncle. This is a big trip to me, you see because well Vancouver is my love. I went there a couple years ago for 24 hours and fell in love. I took the bus up from Seattle with a friend to visit my uncle and in just 24 hours I was ready to move. I'm in love with this city and cant get enough of it. Going for two weeks is huge, and so exciting.

I talked with my therapist yesterday and told her how I plan on writing in here on my trip showing what I've been doing and talking about how much in love I am. She suggested with how excited I am I start the blog now. Get out my excitement, and show you all what I plan on doing. (If anyone is still reading this since I haven't written in here in months)

I leave on the 24th of August and have a FULL day of traveling. I'll be leaving at six AM east coast time and getting in around 11 pm west coast time. LONG DAY, but totally worth it. I've also been training for hiking in British Columbia. I'm not really in the best of shape so my legs may be saying fuck you but my mind will be saying you can do it, come on do it. I've been going on hikes here at my parents in Vermont and I've had the determination from those so I can make the ones in British Columbia and those don't even have the view I'm looking forward to. I have two hikes planned, one of which will only happen if my uncle comes along, considering it is an 18 KM hike. But its supposed to be an intermediate hike, and supposedly one of the prettiest places in British Columbia. Below is a picture of the lake.

Garibaldi Lake.

I have told myself the one thing I want to see for sure when I go out is a crystal blue lake, and well this one just look stunning. I'm super excited and hope me uncle and aunt are up for a hike. (I promises them it will be worth it). There is another hike I want to do and its like half as long so I figure I could probably do that one alone since I've been doing all my hiking here in Vermont alone. It also looks like an amazing view at the top and I cant wait. I'd really like to do on this hike in Lions Bay but its a difficult hike and way to much for me to do in my shape. It will have to wait till later.

Goat Mountain. Hike at Grouse Mountain.

Speaking of Grouse Mountain which is really close to downtown Vancouver I want to take the gondola up and do some sightseeing as well as the included Lumber Jack show. Can you image big strong men running on logs in plaid. I love plaid. Seriously I wear it all the time. Maybe I'll meet my future husband at the lumber jack show. That's a joke, if Ps. I love you taught me anything falling in love with an Irish man in Ireland is the way to go.

Another thing on my list is Capilano and Lynn Canyon park. Both have suspension bridges only difference is Capilano has a tree top adventure and Lynn Canyon has crystal blue rivers. Which are two of my favorite things about British Columbia. Big tree's and crystal blue water. So excited.

Ok This post is long enough I'll post more tomorrow about what I want to do.


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