So I'm all packed. I spent last night organizing what I'm bringing and what bag to use. In the end I'm taking my parents bag that's on wheels. Normally I take my duffel bag because I like being able to through my bag over my shoulder and just go instead of having to drag something behind me. It's really not a big deal but I'm picky. However on this specific trip I'll be traveling for close to 20 hours. A good part of that will be hanging out in the Seattle airport waiting for the bus, so I wont be able to go to baggage claim to get my bag, so its got to stay with me. I also don't really like traveling with my laptop since its the size of a desktop but I also have a 6 hour plane ride from JFK to Seattle then a couple hours to spend in the Seattle airport THEN a 5 hour bus ride from Seattle to Vancouver. Normally its like only a two hour or something bus ride but I'm taking a bus that stops at like a million spots in Seattle and Vancouver and well mine is the first stop in Seattle which means I have to sit and wait at every stop. Oh and my stop in Vanoucer is the second to last stop. Over all I'm going to be totally tired but its all going to be completely worth it.

Someone should be tried on Wednesday. Which is why I plan on going to the beach and just sleeping. The beach I plan on going to is Brunswick beach near Lions Bay in West Vanocuver. The beach is off the sea to sky highway. Which for anyone that doesnt know what that it, its the highway that goes from downtown Vancouver to Whistler. Also known as, freakin gorgeous. Its right in the mountains, on the water (duh) and with mountains on the other side. I'm looking foward to just relaxing spending some time on the pacific ocean, and take in all the beauty of British Columbia. I might even venture to the nude section and tan my breasticals. Never done that before and well I'll be on vacation and since I dont have enough money to go Bunjee Jumping in Whistler I'll be daring and take my top off at the beach.

Other then that I'll be updating as I go tommorow on my laptop, should take up some time and be fun. Tonight I shall be taking my sleeping pills because I wont fall asleep on my own for sure. I'll be too excited. Because well I got only a couple hours until I leave!!!!!!


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