I'm bored already and I still got an hour and a half left till we bored, and I might not be on, depending on if the flight is full or not. Cross your fingers its not, or else I'm going to be sitting here for a long time. I went up and asked if there is a way I can find out now and she said not yet with a tude. Guess I was annoying, I'd probably give me a tude too.

I forgot how much I miss everything being said in English and Spanish, I feel like if I payed attention I might be able to learn Spanish in this city but I don't pay attention. I'm just rambling on now, I'll probably do a bit of this too in Seattle since I got three hours of waiting there as well. My flight (If I get on) gets in at 1:54 West coast time, the bus leaves the airport at two. Perfect timing right...... no. There is no way I will be able to make it to the bus in six minutes. So I have to take the next bus which leaves at five. Then I have another couple of hours on the bus up to Vancouver. But I'm pretty sure this bus has plugs and wireless so I'll be able to use my computer. I like traveling alone because it makes me feel independent, but its just so boring. I am always the type of person to strike up a conversation with someone sitting around me, but as of yet nobody to strike up a conversation with. Older people or people that look really boring at normally the best at striking up conversations with. For some reason they are cool with talking to strangers. I guess in the end they are not really boring since they will keep me entertained but that's me just judging people.

I told myself I'm going to work on my website on the plane and the bus so I'm trying to keep my computer charged while I sit here typing. I cant work on it in the terminal. I have ADD and get way too distracted. Hopefully I wont (Oh cute boy alert, not sitting close enough for me to strike up a conversation with thought.) so anyways hopefully I'll be able to concentrate enough on the plane to work on this website because I've got a lot of work to do on it. I'll just pop the headphones in and work. My website should be up soon so ye all should check that shit out. If its not up just keep checking every now and then.

Normally when I'm at JFK Jetblue terminal I get Jamba Juice but I am saving big time in order to maybe be able to go bungee jumping. I asked my mom which daring thing she would rather I do. Nude Beach or Bungee jump and she said nude beach in a heart beat. But I have always wanted to go bungee jumping, this might be a cheap trip but depeneding on how I budget and how much money I have by the end of the two weeks we shall see. That would add to my trip like whoa. I cant even imagine the thrill you get from just letting go and falling, then springing back up. If I ever went to New Zealand my budget would include Bungee jumping because well you cant not go to New Zealand and not go.

This is really making me not look forward to the wait in Seattle, it might be easier because I'll know i'm in Seattle which means I'll be in Vancouver soon but being here in JFK not knowing if I'm on my next flight or have to wait till the flight after or after is killing me. This is the part I hate about flying stand by. But I really should not be complaining. I also wish I hadn't worn this skirt. Last time I flew with a skirt I took a nap and woke up with some creep sitting across from me with a big smile on his face. I walked away quickly after that and told myself to never take a nap in a skirt at the airport again. Which means no naps for me because I've got two guys sitting across from me now and one of them looks like a creep. Too bad its not the cute guy.

Ok so I'm not officially down to one hour until we bored, hopefully this hour will go by quick.


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