Three Words...

Crystal Green Water.

I saw some Crystal Green Water today, so clear so pretty so clean..... SO COLD.

Today I went to Lynn Canyon Park with my uncle, we crossed the suspension bridge (scary) and went into the little rain forest park. The way the moss hangs from the trees is unbelievable. So pretty. The best part about this park is you can live seriously like 5 minutes away from it. Its stunning an up and coming tourist place so its still free and so pretty. The suspension bridge is not nearly as long as the Capilano suspension bridge but its about 40 dollars cheaper. Also known as 40 dollars more to my bungee jumping fund. The park was stunning though, I was driving to the park with my uncle and imagining myself raising a family in the neighborhoods near the park. It just felt like home. I get that feeling here, its not that I just love this place more then anything but it just feels right. I cant see myself raising a family in NY, in fact when I think of NY I think I wouldn't want kids, but when I'm out here I think well maybe I do want kids it would be fun to raise them here. Plus I'm just so comfortable here. I constantly am looking out the window in the car with goose bumps of how excited and lucky I am to be in such an amazing place. It might be an expensive place but there is a reason its so expensive because its stunning. And well I'm willing to pay the price to live here.

Talking of living here, my uncle works in the furniture business and has all sorts of designer furniture that he gets for discount prices. If I lived out here I could get some as well for cheap. Um all of my favorite things in one here. City life, Nature, Mountains, Water, and Designer Furniture. My mom is probably crying reading this blog thinking about how here baby girl is never coming home but well mom sorry I'm just too in love. Some people move different places for the person they love, I want to move for the place I love.

After Lynn Canyon park we went to Seymour Mountain, its a locals ski hill here and a good distance up. From the bottom the temp was 18 degrees when we got to the top it was 12. Could have been great views from the top if it wasn't so cloudy, but I still got to see some of the rocky mountains, the lions, and downtown from above. So Pretty. The tree's them self were cool too just being that high up. I wasn't dressed for the occasion since I thought I was going downtown today but my uncle surprised me by not going into work and taking me around. He also took me to some of his favorite places to get food. It reminded me of NYC and made me so happy. I love the little places to get food in NY and to be able to get that here well then screw NY. I was like a little girl in these stores looking at all the good food and thinking about how I could eat out here. Yes I thought about how I could eat out here. I'm constantly thinking about my life if I lived here.

I've only been here for two days so far but I'm so totally sold and set to move. I said I wasn't going to come for another year or so but that's going to be torture I want to move now.


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