So here I sit in JFK, easy 49 minute flight from Burlington aka BTV as I like to call it. I just sat down next to a couple to plug in my computer and less then a minute later they got up and move. Maybe its because I forgot to put deodorant on this morning and have no idea where it is in my bag. I'm hoping I make it on my next flight, I have no idea if its full or enough seats to give me a seat now. oh the joys of flying stand by.

I noticed on the plane everyone was on there best behavior nobody acted up and it made me laugh at the whole Steve Slater jumping off the slide thing. It makes it better that I'm flying Jet Blue. The flight from BTV was super easy one of the easiest flights I've even been on and I've done that flight many many times. I got the choice of my seat so I took a window seat so I could take pictures. I figured my chances of getting a window seat to Seattle would be slim so this might have been my only chance to get pictures of how pretty it is outside of a plane. I wish I was a good enough artist to draw clouds correctly. They are so beautiful. I once was on a flight in a lightning storm and it was amazing. When the lightning strikes the whole cloud lights up, its like your own mini light show all over the place. Stunning.

Security at BTV is always tight but normally really fast. Not this morning, I had a long wait, and then once they scanned my bags I had issues. Like always I always forget things that I should take out and forget whats in the bags and such. The ended up taking my toothpaste and shampoo, I thought the shampoo was small enough. It ended up working out really well though because by the time I was done with security I walked up to my gate and walked right on to the second row and literally by the time I was done getting settled the door was shut. Then we took off and minutes later I was in NYC. I just listened to my music for most of the trip. Just popped in my parents Ipod Shuffle they let me barrow and dealt with the headphones falling out every five seconds. I was very cautious of what music to put on this tiny thing, so the mix was all over the place. I put a play list together so you can get an idea of the music I'm listening to.

I'm sitting here now by my gate with a couple hours till I leave, I have to pee and hate this the most about traveling. The whole having to pack up everything drag it all to the bathroom and take 5 seconds to pee then go back and unpack everything again. Makes me wish stealing wasn't something and we could trust people. I'm trying to hold it out but its getting bad, so I really should close up this entry and go to the bathroom. I'll be posting some pictures here but most of my pictures I will be posting to my flickr account so go check that out for the full photo selection.


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