Day One

So traveling went great, better then expected. I made the flight to Seattle and we got in early which meant I made the two pm bus and didn't have to wait and sit around in the Seattle airport for three hours and then take the bus and get in at 10 pm west coast time. Instead I got in around seven and was able to stay awake for the bus ride and see the city in the day time. Once I got off the bus I needed to find the sea bus to take me to North Vancouver, that was an experience. I have lived in NYC for five years I hate tourist and hate being one. Especially since I want to move to this city I didn't like feeling like a tourist. Asking how to get around everyone was nice but I was so embarrassed. At one point I bought a ticket for the sea bus (It ended up being free) and as I was buying the ticket I dropped my cell phone and my bag on accident and as I was picking them up and everyone was looking at me I asked, "How do I get to the Sea Bus" people told me but me being embarrassed about being a tourist got it right out and made fun of the fact I could not be any more tourist at that moment. When they found out I was from NYC they asked why I was visiting Vancouver and I said I was visiting my uncle and wanted to check the city out since I want to move here, and they couldn't understand. A lot of people don't get why I would want to leave NYC but its not for me. Vancouver on the other hand makes me wonder if I'm crying or my eyes are just watering because of the sun.

Once I took the Sea Bus over being all sweaty with oily hair, no make up on anymore, sore feet, and all my bags I finally made my destination for the day of which would be my uncles. There they made me some fresh salmon, and when I say fresh I mean they were swimming earlier in the morning and my aunt had to cut out all the bones herself. I'm not much of a salmon person but I was so hungry I would eat anything at that point, and it wasn't bad I ended up eating the whole thing. My aunt and uncle had no where to put the salmon so they went to put the salmon in the backyard for the night until they knew what to do with them. But before they could put the extra salmon in the back we walked outside and two skunks had found the salmon and went at it, here we were in my aunt and uncles backyard and had a show of two baby skunks eating away at salmon. I was terrified of being sprayed so I went in and passed out since I was tired as hell.

When I woke up this morning I had no idea what to do for the day but decided on Stanley Park, it was a gorgeous day and what better way to spend it then a day at my favorite park. I went with my uncle to some of his job sites before he dropped me off and showed him how much I know about furniture already by knowing about all these Herman Miller pieces at the sites. After that he dropped me off near the park and I was on my own. I started on one side of the park and later found out what I wanted to see was on the other side. So I started walking on way to get some good pictures and three pictures in my camera batteries died. I then had to walk forever to find a place that sold batteries and along my way found some awesome sculptures. One of which was a bunch of bronze Asian men in jeans with no shirts and good muscles making funny faces. I couldn't help myself but take pictures of each guy individually. From there I walked into the park past all the beaches and couldn't help but picture myself taking my kids someday to the pool and enjoying the beaches, or imagining myself running along the seawall like everyone else and enjoying the run. When I finally realised I was on the wrong side of the park I found a nice trail and walked along hoping I was going the right direction. I kind of was but still had to figure my way around. I enjoyed the trail and was all alone surrounded by pure nature and huge tree's. I couldn't have been more relaxed and again imagined myself walking the trails with a dog and thinking about how lucky I am to live in Vancouver. Instead I walked alone with no dog thinking about how lucky I was to be in Vancouver. I walked around a bit trying to figure out where I was going and then found a stop to get drinks, while I stooped I found a map you could take and snatched that up. I walked from the snack bar to the totem poles and enjoyed a nice tourist attraction of Stanley Park. But as touristy as they might have been, they were beautiful. After the poles I walked along the sea wall some more and then went searching for an art piece in the woods. Found it and it was broken and I was unimpressed. From there I hiked up hill to the lookout and came across a raccoon. Now where I'm from if a raccoon comes near you it has rabies, but in Stanley park they come right up to people looking for food. Didn't stop me from being freaked out. I tried to get a picture of it but missed it when it came walking right towards me and got about a foot away. The people around me laughed and I made the rabies joke but serious that's the closest I've ever been to a live raccoon. I then walked up to the lookout and got a great great view of the mountains, downtown, lions gate bridge, and the harbour. So pretty seriously I could live at this place and be happy forever, its so pretty. By this point my choice of shoes was stupid and I had blisters so bad my feet were bleeding and I had walked a good couple of km so I was done even though my uncle was not supposed to pick me up for another two hours I called him and made him go out of his way to come get me and my broken up feet. I didn't see all I wanted to in the park but you know what, it will all still be there tomorrow.

From Stanley park we went on to pick up my grandparents at the airport. Only issue there flight doesn't get in till tomorrow. We must have drove around the arrivals like 50 times looking and looking until we found out there flight was not today. Times like those make you wish that your old fashion grandfather would get a cell phone. I then came home and here I am. No pictures on the blog because it wont work but as always you can check out the flickr site.


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