Floating Pavilion

I just found this online, and fell in love. I know you will too. It takes something so simple and well not really that attractive looking and makes something beautiful and so interesting. The piece is a floating pavilion in the Croatian art and architecture at the Venice Biennial. The pavilion was designed by a group of leading Croatian architects, responsible for the strong presence of Croatian architecture in the recent years. The pavilion is built on a barge with dimensions of 10 x 20x 3 meters and is towed by a tug boat.

The Pavilion is welded from 30 tons of Q385 wire mesh wires with over 40 layers of varying contours. As the pavilion left for sea the first time it was towed to the port city of Rijeka where it was presented as public art.

For Croatia, a floating pavilion seems to be an obvious solution. Since 1991, the year of Croatia’s independence and the dissolution of Yugoslavia, a permanent pavilion at the Giardini is no longer an option. As the closest maritime neighbor of Venice, a land of seamen and shipbuilders, Croatia is well positioned to establish a direct link with the city across the bay and the floating pavilion is a
straightforward answer to a very simple issue of having an exhibition venue.

Below is a video from YouTube of the floating pavilion.


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