Back from Vancouver

Back from Vancouver, I gave up on the whole blog thing it was too hard to get on a computer each day and update what I had done. I have over 600 photos though and lots of video and lots of memories. While I was there I got really serious about my future. I love architecture and I love Vancouver but what I really want to be doing is the research aspect of architecture. I love reading about new architecture. I love the idea of traveling the world through architecture. I have an imagination and I love using that imagination to imagine myself in all these buildings by learning about them. If I was really to think about what I love the most its the whole doing the research part. I don't know if this is a profession or not but I'm looking into it. The idea of working for a publishing company like Taschen or Phaidon or even an architectural magazine like Interior Design, or dwell, gets me so excited. I own way to many books and spend way to much in the library and I would happily content with getting books as a present. In fact I've told my mother all I want for Christmas this year is books. Its like a fetish for me. Orgasmic. Even if I could get a job doing anything in the publishing world of architecture i'd be content. As I was saying I love architecture and I love Vancouver but the city doesn't have much for that field. Unfortunately. I've looked at some internships in London, San Fran, New York, LA, all over trying to get an idea of what I want to be doing. But its all got me going, if I want to be doing the research aspect of architecture as a career and its what I love doing the most then why don't I write in here more often. Its a perfect place for me to well research different architecture. So I'm going to make it a goal of mine to write at least two post a day in here. except for weekends.

For my thesis I have been researching like crazy, I'm loving the project and loving the whole idea of it. I'm designing a museum so I'm going to try and focus a lot of museums in here. Starting tomorrow I'll start my whole writing in here at least twice and I'm going to try and do different museums or buildings that inspire me for my thesis. Wish me luck.


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