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Ok So I'm not doing a great job starting off on book reviews considering that I have not actually read this book but I've done a lot of research on it, and would like to buy it. Now some of my favorite things are architecture, books, architecture books, and UNStudio. So this book is like some of my favorite things all in one. One of the reasons its on my list of books I'd like.

The book called Reflections – Small Stuff by Ben van Berkel & Caroline Bos, the book is about UNStudio’s small Stuff, presents a selection of interiors, installations, pavilions and products from the last 20 years. I have a real big thing for the shapes and forms of UNStudios work, and this book shows off some of my favorite work's by them. This book also gets into those really cool information and ideas behind the designs from the authors also known as the designers for UNStudio. The book is full of little tidbits of information and statements from Ben van Berkel, and Caroline Bos. They express there thoughts behind each design and bear witness to the theoretical richness and versatility at the basis of UNStudios highly particular approach to architecture and design.

UNStudio is an international architectural practice directed by van Berkel, and Bos and is has been based in Amsterdam since 1988. They have an extensive experience in the fields of urban ism, infrastructure, public and private utility building on different scale levels.

The book is full of 30 different projects which are organized in pairs which form each other's mirror image, illustrating the idea of reflection and its manifold meanings at literal and symbolic levels. The book is 165 x 165 mm big and has 196 pages in full color and a golden reflective cover. For more information on the book you can download the press kit or have a look at the flip book on

Below is a video of a preview of the book, which just adds to my love of this book and need for this book.
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UNStudio · Reflections from Proxi Design on Vimeo.


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