My dream job would be if someone would pay me to travel the world and write and learn about different architecture. So far since I've been doing this blog I've almost felt as if I have been traveling and learning about all this different architecture only I'm sitting in my pajamas and house coat and surfing the web instead of some waves in Australia. I could put together a whole list of places to go and places to see, they wouldn't be your normal tourist things I would go out of the way to find things.

Recently when I was in Vancouver I spent a whole day walking around the whole city finding all the sculptures in the city. I walked like two marathons and pulled something in my foot but it was all so rewarding and exciting to me to see all the art. I get the same way about architecture or furniture, or anything else. I've had talk with my younger brother about doing a road trip together across the states and I'm really excited about it but what I don't think he knows yet is that I'll be making little pit stops along the way to see some architecture and art I know about.

Well doing my research on different things to write about in this blog I've come across all sorts of different things about the Expo 2010 in Shanghai, China. I already am in love with most of the architecture from the Olympics a couple of years ago and already had China on the top of my list of places to go just for that reason but now finding all these amazing buildings that have gone up, I almost need to go to China within the next month. I'm so excited and want to share it all with you, so tomorrow is going to be national expo day at Design and Such As.... It's a new holiday I'm declaring as the writer of this blog aka mayor of Suchas, and I'm sure you all will be just as excited as me once you read about all these amazing new buildings.

And considering that it is not 11:49 my time I got ten minutes till national expo day so get ready cause I'm starting with my home country. Canada.


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