Wedding in the woods.

Since this is a Design and Such as blog I wanted to talk about all sorts of design I love. From Interior Design, to Architecture, to graphic design, to illustrations, to weddings. They all are design and I love them all.

I have a thing for wedding deign and read wedding blogs WAY too much for someone who is afraid of commitment. But I still love weddings. I love the whimsical to them, and the design, and the feel of celebration in the bride and grooms own taste. While I will talk about many weddings I like on here I want to start with my one of my favorites for setting and ceremony site. I'll send a link to the design blog I found it on and then post a video of the wedding.... Its gorgeous.

So Here is the link to the pictures and information about the wedding....

And apparently I cant find the video anymore, or had it saved so I'll just show another wedding at the same location.


So what do I like about this location. Well for starters I love the woods. I feel so safe and relaxed in the woods, and the idea of having a wedding ceremony surrounded by large tree's feels wonderful to me. Being in the woods like this is almost like being indoors or being in a chapel. The tree's them self create the space and the moment. Walking down to your groom through the tree's is so romantic to me. To walk down the path and have everyone looking at the way the light hits the bride through the tree's is amazing. Its very special and intimate. I have seen a photo of a wedding in the woods years ago and never saved it to my computer but the image has stuck in my head. Then I found this wedding in this site location of Santa Lucia Preserve which is in Carmel, California and all these weddings in the woods and got goosebumps.

For the rest of the wedding I think her dress is over done, and the bright colors don't match the intimacy of the wedding I love everything else. Everything is done right, and this is a wedding I personally would want to have. Somewhere I feel safe and special, one of my favorite places in the world. The woods. Walking down the isle with a sole old piano brought into the woods playing one of my favorite songs. Breathe Me, by Sia. Well the lyrics mean a lot to me in other ways, they are really sad lyrics. The instrumental on the other hand, is gorgeous music and I think something different to walk down to your soul mate too. Below is a youtube video of the music of the song. Listen to the whole thing, at the end is a strong part of the music and that is where I believe the bride should start her walk down.

These two things together would be part of my personal dream wedding. So this blog is more about personal me, what I love and would want, I'll talk more about just some gorgeous and unique weddings that I also love but are not necessarily parts of my dream weddings.


  1. Great tune. I really like it. Try Portishead's "Dummy" or Simon and Garfunkle. keep the ideas, music, words and thoughts coming.


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