Molded Plywood Chair

One of the first piece of designer furniture that ever caught my eye was the Charles Eames Molded plywood chair in red. To this day I would love one, though not the most comfortable its just such a beautiful chair. I drew it for my portfolio into design school. I was just so drawn to the chair, its curves, its color, its form. I had no idea the history and what it takes to mold the plywood. As I kept on going on my design career in school I kept loving this chair. I really love the whole molded plywood collection but the molded plywood chair in red still stays my favorite.

If I had it my way I would design a whole room around the chair, but keep the chair as a piece of art more then a function. I wouldn't want to have anyone sit in it normally, because then you could not look at it the same way. Its not just a chair but a piece of art to me, a masterpiece. The history of the molded plywood is also very fascinating to me. I'd also love to have the molded plywood leg splint which is a collectors item to designers or anyone who loves Charles Eames furniture.

The leg splint was designed by Charles and his brother during world war 2, for men in the navy to wear on the ships if they hurt there legs. They came up with the design with the molded plywood and from there discovered that molding the plywood with this new technique would be great for furniture, and from there a new world of furniture was created. So in some way's I owe my love of design to this chair which was all started by this silly old leg splint for men on boats in world war two.


*Photo from Herman Miller Website.


*Photo from


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