Dream Kitchen

I'm just going to get it over with and show the pictures I have on my computer of my dream house. First I showed the picture of my dream living room, now my dream Kitchen.

Again I have no idea where I found this picture but it is saved on my computer for inspiration but I cant really take inspiration from it since well I LOVE everything. From the U-shape, to the sky light, to the way it opens it's self to other rooms. To the way they have the chopping block rested up on the wall.
Everything works for me. I have created a dream home for myself on Google Sketch Up, and tried to work the kitchen to my liking and my taste and well my design but it just really became the same exact kitchen. I even love the wood counter tops, they work well with the wood floors, and add something to the white room. White kitchens are very popular now a days but I feel this white kitchen has a different feel. Even the artwork adds to the design. Its very open and works very well. Not much overhead cabinet space but I don't mind that either. I think the full wall cabinet around the fridge on the wall you cant really see is plenty enough. The two sliding doors by the two chairs really works too. They are very sleek and modern and the simplicity to the clean line and the simple metal handles really just works and adds something to the space.

The counter tops don't have much on them but that also works, the color works, and my favorite part is that sky light. Its not your normal ugly skylight but a piece of architecture it's self. It adds so much light to a center room and really makes the perfect shape of the U abstract in a way. It as I would say completes the room.


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