Living Room with the purple chair

Ok This is a photo I have no idea where I found it. But it's been on my computer for ages and everything about it I love. I'm a designer and I take pride in being able to design on my own and come up with things on my own but this living room I would no probably love to just copy ever detail. I LOVE everything. Its been on my computer for ever and was my background on my computer screen for a while. I have told my brother (who is amazing at ebay) that if he ever finds a chair like this on ebay... purchase it right away.


So what do I like about this photo besides everything. Well for starters that purple chair. It's perfect. The design of the chair is right on, the thickness of the chair, the wood on the bottom everything is perfect, and the color is not a color that you would pick most of the time for a chair in a living room but it works SOOOO well in this room. What makes it work is the pillow and the wall color. The wall color works so well with the purple and accents it perfectly. It makes a bright purple chair work so well. Any other color it might not work as well. The pillow is also a great touch. If that pillow belongs on anything it belongs on that chair. They look made for each other but if I remember rightly when I found the photo that chair was found on Ebay and then later they found the pillow. The white floor and white storage unit works well with bringing everything together as well. They complement the contrast between the gray and the purple, and bring them together to make that perfect match.

I'm really a minimalist type person, and I also really like muted colors with pops of colors. Which is why this purple chair in this muted room works so well for me. But what helps even more is the placement of the accessories. To the small wooden box, to the black and white fashionish picture that looks like Marylin Monroe, to the Charles Eames Molded wood leg splint in the corner. Which I talked about in the last entry. Everything works, and the placement you can tell was well thought out and planned. The last thing I love about this room is the picture on the wall. I have actually done a replication myself of this painting and plan on hanging it someday. The picture it self is just like the photo of where it makes you wonder and think, and get excited. You know what this picture is, its a still life. But whats in the still life, why is it black and white like this, you could ask many why's about this picture but I don't. I think its perfect as well, it just adds that final last touch that I love to this room. I love abstract art, its not like a painting of a mountain with a river (not saying Bob Ross isn't amazing) but you know what that is. Abstract art makes you think, makes you wonder what the artist was thinking when they painted the painting. The best part is, you might get an interpretation from the picture and the person standing next to you might get a totally different one.

Over all, I love the purple chair the most. If anyone ever runs across a chair like this please purchase it and I'll pay you back. Love it so much.


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