Origami Art Work

I'm a huge Pinterest user. I use it for work, I use it for my daily life, and I even pin right before bed while curled up with my phone until I doze off. So you better believe when a photo that inspires me comes up on one of the many blogs and websites I read that Pinterest button is getting some use. 

So when I was reading Domaine Home a couple weeks back and saw this image I immedetly hit that pin button. The design wheels in my head starting spinning and I got to thinking how can I make something similar but with my own twist. You see I'm a huge origami lover, I've been folding for about five years now and it's a therapeutic activity for me. I started with the crane and moved into tesselation type origami. 

I've had the idea for a while on how I can incorporate my love of origami with my love of interior design. A lot of people make lampshades out of this style of origami, which I have looked into but haven't made anything yet. But when I saw that sculpture in the image above I knew a sculpture for above my bed was the solution. 

I really like the form of the above image. It's not my work but I do like how the formed the origami after it was folded. I've done some folding on water colour paper where you can hold the shape by wetting the paper and forming it then letting the paper dry. 

I'm thinking of making a sculpture with chipboard, cardboard and a fancy type of craft paper I got a blick the other day. All have different shades of brown and I think will look interesting when I overlap the different fold techniques. 

I'm still in the beginning stages of figuring out how I'm going to do this but ill definitely post my progress and the completed project. I'm really excited to see the final product. 


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