Hello from Chicago

First post in a couple years but an exciting post. Things are different for this Jess girl since she last posted. A lot has happened since that last post about that book Space Crafts 2. I not only graduated from Pratt Institute with a BFA in Interior Design, but I have lived all over the country and worked some awesome jobs and meet some awesome people. 

Most recently I was offered a job at VOA Associates in Chicago, Il. So with a great job offer, I packed up my life in Vermont and moved out here for this awesome job. I've got my own place with my puppy Andi, and the place is looking good but I've got lots of ideas and lots to do. 

I have huge aspirations for this apartment and want to document my journey to an apartment worthy of being featured on a website. I've got lots of ideas and lots to do before I'm ready for that but here are some photos of where I'm at now, I'll start posting renderings and inspiration photos soon. Hopefully soon enough I'll start posting stuff about new things I've done to the apartment. 



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