Photo on my computer.

This is another photo I have on my computer. I'm starting to think that I got all these photos from Domino Magazine. Domino was an amazing magazine but when the economy got bad it was one of the first magazines to go. May it rest in peace. I loved that website, and magazine. I used to go on all the time and save photos of room I loved to my computer. I have been searching and searching for these pictures again so I can cite them but just cant find them, so I'm going to assume they were from Domino. But anyways this bedroom. let me point out the things I like about this room one by one.

1) The color of the dresser, it's not your normal color, it pops in this room. The dresser's shape works even better with the color. I love muted rooms with pops of color. LOVE LOVE LOVE.
2) The white Eames Molded Plastic Side Chair next to the orange dresser. The white chair picks up on the white vases, and the white of the picture. The three of them create a triangle and make the flow of this small picture and space work magically.
3)The wall and floor color. Grey is by far my favorite color for walls, I think its an amazing palate and when you work with grey you can achieve so much with the rest of the space. Anything goes. Like this white floor with the mat rug. The color's all blend and work perfectly next to each other.
4)No baseboard, it makes the room look unfinished but in a good way. It looks like a piece of work, I think at one spot the grey doesn't go all the way to the floor. That just adds so much to me and gives in a little sparkle and something different then anything else.
5)The big black and white picture of the girl with the dog. I love big prints of photographs. I'm not a big one of displaying lots of photos of random things, especially family members (save those for the albums and computer background) But this large photo works great. Right on people whose bedroom this is.
6)The fake grass.... Great choice. That's all I have to say about that.
7)The Picture. LOVE this picture for some reason, LOVE IT. I have tried to replicate this drawing but just cant get it right. Its something about the drawing that really just brings the WHOLE room together. It has all the colors and the simplicity of the drawing plays off of the simplicity of the room itself.



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