Sunday Happenings

So in my attempt at being better at blogging I'm trying to keep a series to keep me accountable. So I introduce you to my Sunday Happenings, you know basically some interiors out in the world I'm currently loving, some music, food, anything I love talking about here. I'm excited and will be aiming to post these each Sunday with a new weeks full of things I'm currently crushing on. I'm excited about this new push at being a design (and such as) blogger. So here is week one of my Sunday Happenings. 

1) I have to start with interiors right, I mean first and foremost this is a blog about Interior Design. So, I'm currently crushing hard on Parisian Art Deco style thats currently massive on Pinterest right now.  My last home was very minimal and had a natural palette with pops of colours here and there. I'm currently coming up with a design plan for my home now and will be sharing that in the coming weeks, but its going to be totally different then my Ashland Home and have some major inspiration from this Parisian Art Deco look. This photo is a major push on the Parisian look. 

2) If you ever take a road trip with me you better believe I'm blasting some 90s and early 2000's music. I love pop music on car rides with others most of the time because its good music to sing along to and dance with. However when I'm driving alone or just enjoying actual music I've been into a interesting genre for a while now. This song came on a radio playlist I have for the band Gramatik. I  guess you could call this genre of music a bit hip hop but I think I like to call the style I'm into as Electro Swing. Some other great bands to check out in this genre are Parov Stelar, and Jamie Berry. So when this song by The Polish Ambassador came on today I kept turning it up more and more and before the song was done I had added it to my library. 

3) A few months ago I purchased a pair of Rebeca Minkoff sneakers at a TJ Maxx and my life changed. I always have enjoyed taking some risks with my fashion but have never dabbled in the metallic area for fashion besides my jewelry. So when I fell for these metallic rose gold slip on sneakers my obsession with metallic shoes started. I've found myself looking at fun metallic shoes since this purchase and constantly have to stop myself from doubling my shoe collection with metallic shoes. Here are the shoes I purchased and while I'd show you a picture of my actual shoes I've worn them so much they don't look this pretty anymore but still very pretty. 

4) I'm a sucker for some good floral arrangements in your home. I know it can be a lot to keep up with if you don't have the best green thumb but thats on my 2018 New Years resolution (I'm giving myself some month to prep, you know how it goes) I have a full board on my Pinterest page of floral arrangements and they are some fun floral arrangements if you ask me. This particular one has been a favorite of mine for a while now, I like how fun it is but could work great in really any room of your home. 

5) Lastly I couldn't not talk about food could I. I'm actually heading to Smorgasburg in Brooklyn today, so by the time this blog goes up I'll probably be stuffing my face with some amazing food. A few years ago I went to visit my girl Alyssa for her 21st birthday in Seattle (hard to believe that was nine years ago now) and she took me to Pike Place Market which is a must so duh she took me there. Anyways she introduced me to my first Vietnamese Sandwich or a Bánh mì. I'm particular to the shredded pork version with fish sauce and you better believe I'll be on the hunt at Smorgasburg today. I'll make sure to update my Instagram when I find the winner. So I recently went on the search for some recipes to help my Canadian and American self know how to make one for myself. I haven't tried this recipe yet so I'll leave an update once it has been tested and Jess approved or not. 

So thats what I'm all about this week, next week I would expect would be a bit different you know how that works. Maybe I'll even talk about things that happened in my past week that'd always be so super exciting right. I'm heading to NY Now tomorrow and will make sure to post about some great things I see, the total solar eclipse happens on Monday as well and I'll be listing to Bonnie Tyler-Total Eclipse of the heart when its in full coverage, apparently some people along this cruise will be listing to her live at the total coverage as well (this is brilliant and whoever came up with this idea deserves a major raise)  

Hope you all have a great week and wish me luck this week on posting more often!! 



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