We're Moving!!!!

Well cat is out of the bag. We're moving Jess Ann Interiors from the Burlington Vermont area to the Northern Jersey area. This is not the end of us designing the in the Vermont area but in the coming weeks we will be located out of the New Jersey area.

Our plan is to be located officially in early July of 2017 in New Jersey, we will be serving all of the New York City area, but also Northern and Central Jersey and the Hudson Valley of New York region. We will be taking on projects of all sizes in Vermont in the coming months once we have ourself situated in New Jersey but for now we are only taking on smaller projects we can work on mostly remotely in Vermont.

Were in the process of changing our location on the internet, so please be patient as the internet catches up with us, but also our phone number will also be changing in the coming weeks to a local New Jersey number, however we will have our Vermont phone number forward in the first few months.

​If you're here for the first time and live in NJ and NYC and still seeing Vermont as our location don't worry we're on our way to you, and would love to start talking about your projects! 

If you have any questions about our move please feel free and reach out but we are really excited about the things to come for the future of Jess Ann Interiors. Thanks for everything so far in this journey of this business. 



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