Designer Crush: Liljencrantz Design

There is this photo of this kitchen which I'm obsessed over (its below) and I love the modern take on the shaker cabinets. But what really attracted to me this kitchen is how soothing the room is. The different materials and textures all blend together so nicely so I knew I needed to look at more work from the designer Liljencrantz Design, and I was very happy I looked at more work. ITS AMAZING!!!

All of their work is soothing and I love all the different textures. Its a great modern Scandinavian style and it works so well. I like to use other designers work as inspiration as most designers do, but I really pay attention on how designers use different elements and merge them together, so Liljencrantz Design is a great resource because the different elements of metal, glass, wood, textiles all work very well together. 

I'm loving this designer and I'll be defiantly keeping up with them for more work they come up with. I hope you all enjoy these photos as well. 

Designer: Liljencrantz Design


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