Crazy About Green Week Long Blog Series: Kitchens

And here we are, Its Friday which also means its Saint Patricks Day. Everyone is wearing green shirts, the lady at Costco was wearing a sparkly green plastic top hat and everyone is excited and happy. I honestly love the simple holidays that are just a fun reason to get together with friends and family and just have a blast together. Anyways I've left the most fun for last.... KITCHENS!!!! 
Green kitchens are booming right now and a lot of people are joining the bang wagon because why not, they look great!!!! I've collected a lot of different shades of kitchens for you all, but a lot are from a kitchen company out of the United Kingdom called DeVol Kitchens, they pretty much are the company to aim to be like. They are so classically done and have the timeless elegance of an old english cottage but also have the fun fresh look of a 21st century kitchen. They also are known for some of the hottest "green" kitchens out there today. So it was a no brainer that half of the kitchens I'm showing off today are from DeVol Kitchens. Check them out: DeVol Kitchens
Anyways if you've been following this week I want to thank you for reading and enjoying some awesome green interiors but like and comment to encourage me to keep posting often, I'm super proud of myself for posting every day this week and want to keep it going. So all of you coming along for the ride share my blog with anyone you think would like it or just share it for the heck of it. I'm excited to share my excitement about Interior Design with the world and all of you.


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